Root Canal

Getting Back to Your Roots

We can only guess that when you hear the term “root canal,” you cringe. Well, think nothing of it. Root canals are not at all what they used to be. Continual advancements in dental technology have made the root canal a more simplified and painless procedure. At our Tippit Dental locations in Memorial, Cypress, Brenham, and Bellville, our dentists have all you need for a thorough, yet easy-going root canal.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

A root canal is nothing more than a filling on the inside of your tooth. As with all treatment at Tippit Dental Group, we will make sure you are completely comfortable before we begin. In order to get the tooth healthy again, we will need to gain access to the inside of your tooth. Once we have access, we will use all the latest technology to clean out all the problem areas and remove the unhealthy portion that is causing the infection. After cleaning and disinfecting the area, your dentist will fill the inside of the tooth with a filling material called gutta percha. After all of this is completed, and your dentist is happy with the result, we will seal the access to the inside of the tooth with another filling material.

You have just survived the dreaded root canal! Now that the unhealthy tooth structure has been removed and replaced, your body’s immune system will take over and start to heal the infection under the tooth. It is common to feel sore after the procedure. Most soreness lasts a few days and then gradually subsides as the days go by.

Post-Root Canal Treatment

In most cases, we will prepare the tooth for a dental crown at the same appointment as your root canal.  The crown adds strength and stability to a now weakened tooth, which prolongs the life of the root canal. At your next appointment to seat your crown, we will check on your comfort level with the root canal.

Why It’s Necessary to Save Your Tooth

We at Tippit Dental Group believe in saving teeth if the treatment outcome lasts long enough. The truth is, a root canal and crown are often the least expensive, least invasive, and easiest way to protect your smile. When teeth are extracted, it creates a cascade of destructive dental issues. Tooth loss can lead to bone loss and shifting in your remaining teeth. When your teeth shift toward the gap in your smile, it can destroy your bite, create pain in the jaw, and even cause additional tooth loss. If an extraction is necessary or recommended, always ask about replacing your tooth. The problems can be planned for and avoided with a bridge or implant.

Root for Your Home Teeth!

If you need a root canal, or think you might, go ahead and schedule an appointment to come see us. We hope to see you soon no matter what your dental needs are.