Dental Fillings

Fill ‘Er Up

Chances are that most of us will end up with at least one filling during our lifetime. If you are over the age of forty, you probably already have a collection of dark silver fillings in your mouth because that used to be the most common option.

At Tippit Dental Group, we know that dentistry can be beautiful, and even the most common dental restorations can keep your smile looking its best. That is why we exclusively offer tooth colored fillings.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Tooth colored fillings match your natural teeth so that others do not notice your dentistry – just your smile!

Composite, the material we use to create tooth colored fillings, is a mixture of BPA free plastic and microscopic glass particles. Composite comes in so many colors that we can match just about anyone’s smile. Only the professionals will know that you have a filling.

Composite fillings are conservative compared to their amalgam predecessors. With amalgam fillings, removing a significant portion of healthy tooth structure was essential in order to secure them in place. With composite fillings, we only have to remove the damaged or decayed part of your tooth.

We can also use tooth colored fillings to fix small chips in teeth. This is a conservative and affordable way to improve the appearance of your teeth.

What to Expect During Your Tooth-Colored Filling

We will always make sure you are comfortable before your dentist begins your procedure. After removing the decayed or damaged part of the tooth, we will go through the necessary steps of preparing your tooth for the composite filling. The preparation phase ensures the filling will have a strong bond to your tooth while minimizing your sensitivity.

Once the damaged part of the tooth is removed and the healthy tooth surface is prepared for the filling, your dentist will place the composite material. A special curing light is used to harden the material. Finally, your dentist will adjust and smooth the filling so it feels comfortable and even when you bite down. A proper fit is essential for comfortable chewing.

You can chew on your filling right away. However, if we used anesthetic, it is a good idea to avoid hot or chewy foods while you’re numb so that you do not burn yourself or bite your cheek or tongue.

Come to the Dental Filling Station!

If you’re dealing with cavities or have noticed you have some chips that need filling, come over to one of our four Tippit Dental offices in Memorial, Cypress, Brenham, or Bellville.