A Brief History of the Tippit Dental Group

We love dentistry and we love Texas history. We believe that everyone and every business in Texas has the opportunity to create its own historic path. Tippit Dental Group has forged its path as one of the most prominent dental companies in the State of Texas.

Much like Texans themselves, the people of Tippit Dental Group take pride in everything they do for each other and for every patient. Texans are a family and that ideal has rubbed off on how we perceive ourselves. We believe that every dentist, hygienist, front desk personnel, and patient is part of the Tippit Family.

How the Tippit Family Began

The Tippit Dental Group was founded by Dr. Nathanial G. “Tip” Tippit. It all began in 1979 shortly after Dr. Tippit started his own family in 1977 when he married the love of his life, Lesli.

This love of family and dentistry coincided, and it was soon the Memorial residents that reaped the benefits from a dentist who cared for patients like he cared for his own family.

Patients who came to Tippit Dental Group stayed with Dr. Tippit because they knew they could trust him with their teeth and their health. Every patient deserved and received his undivided attention. He proved this every day with his excellent dentistry and when he would invite his last patient of the day out for dinner with him and Lesli. It was a personal touch that resonated with patients and resonates with them still.

A Continuing Family Tradition

The family feel and personal touch became the culture of Tippit Dental Group and has continually been cultivated for more than 40 years.

As the family grew with the addition of the Tippit children, Trey, Abby and Holly, so grew the Tippit Dental Group family with the addition of the Bellville office in 2013, the Cypress office in 2014, and the Brenham office in 2017.

Dr. Tippit’s tradition of devoted family dentistry has passed on to his son. Dr. Trey Tippit continues to keep the family tradition alive for the next generation of patients. Dr. Trey Tippit hand-selects every dentist and office manager to lead the offices. He understands how important it is to put the right people in place to ensure the culture and family values of the Tippit Dental Group remain intact.

I think it will expand and get better and better. I think all things get better through generations. Particularly generations that understand the culture and take it seriously and work accordingly to improve it as years go by.

- Dr. Tip Tippit

Family Means Everything

When you become a patient, you become family. This is why so many of our patients have been with us for decades. We always explain in detail whatever procedure needs to take place and how it will take place. We never conduct unnecessary operations and we always do our best to make everyone feels welcome into our Tippit Dental Group homes.

New patients who come to any of our dental offices may wonder how we come to care so deeply about everyone connected with the Tippit Dental Group, whether patients or staff. It’s because it is our culture. It’s the Tippit way. It’s because family means everything. And if you’re from this great state, then you know it’s just how Texans live their lives. Texas plays a big part in who we are, and we like to think that the Tippit Family plays at least a small part in what Texas is.