Will my dental appointment hurt?

faq Sep 04, 2019

Contrary to urban legends and long-standing mythology, dentists do not want to hurt patients! That is why we take great care at Tippit Dental Group to ensure that you are comfortable for all of the treatment you receive in our office.

When it is necessary to use anesthetic, we will administer the appropriate amount and give it sufficient time to take effect. Everyone’s bodies are different and it is essential that we wait for your teeth to be numb. We will check in on you as your anesthetic begins to work in order to find the ideal time to begin treatment.

Did you know that anxiety can make it harder for you to get numb? Because of this, we offer nitrous oxide sedation for our fearful patients. Many people report that nitrous oxide takes the edge off of their treatment, allowing for a more relaxed appointment.

Our compassionate and friendly team has a knack for helping even the most fearful patients relax. If you have concerns about experiencing pain during your treatment, let us know. We can address your concerns and make certain that you experience a comfortable procedure.

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